Jan 31, 2011

King's Speech

If you have not see this movie.. go now..

Jan 29, 2011

This Blog will be about Diana and Kate! You can't compare them to each other. Princess Diana was very special and sweet young women. . Diana was married at the age of 20 and Kate will be becoming a wife at 29. You do alot of going in early 20's. Diana was mother at the age of 21 and raised two wonderful sons. Her Son William has become a great man and is ready to share his life with Kate. Diana would have been so excited and happy for her son finding someone to love. That women is Kate. I wish William and Kate much happiness in years ahead. I will root for them and we all should. Not compare Kate to Diana because each women is special to William!

Jan 28, 2011

Books on Princess Diana

Here are some my favorite and not so favorite books on Princess Diana

The Diana Chronicles- By Tina Brown- Really Excellent Book it gives you the true picture of Her Life! I enjoyed it very much. It gets my five star rating!!!!

Diana Princess of Wales A Tribute in Photographs- Michael O'Mara -Beautiful Pictures of the Princess Diana from the 80's till her death. It gets another five star rating.

Diana  A Princess for the World... Some of the information in the book was incorrect which is 
annoying! 2 and 1/2 stars

Diana : Portrait of Princess: Jayne Fincher and Judy Wade. Excellent book for anyone that loved the Princess will enjoy this book!

So many of the books can be purchased at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble


Princess Diana Exhibitions



The main visitor attraction for those wanting to find out more about the life and work of Diana, Princess of Wales is at the Spencer family home, Althorp in Northamptonshire.
Each year during the summer, there is an exhibition at Althorp depicting the life and work of the Princess. There are audiovisual presentations and exhibits including the Princess' wedding dress, childhood letters, school reports, and details of the Princess' work for charities.
The exhibition also includes information about the work of The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. Profits from the exhibition are donated to the Fund to continue the humanitarian work of the Princess.
Find out more about Althorp and book tickets at www.althorp.com.

Diana: A Celebration

'Diana: A Celebration' is an award-winning exhibition that commemorates the life of Diana, Princess of Wales.
It features memorabilia, personal possessions, letters and film footage. Highlights include the Princess' bridal gown, a collection of dresses and original paintings and jewels from the Spencer family collection. The Princess' charitable work is featured, as is the work of The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.
Diana: A Celebration is produced by Arts and Exhibition International in association with the Althorp Estate and the Althorp Charitable Trust. All profits generated by the Althorp Estate from the exhibition support the ongoing work of The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.
For further information, email mail@althorp.com or visit www.althorp.com/visits_exhibition.php.

Kensington Palace

The official residence of the Princess during her lifetime, Kensington Palace in London has been a royal residence since 1689 and visitors can explore the State Apartments. Further information can be found at www.hrp.org.uk.
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park and the Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Playground in Kensington Gardens are two memorials created by the Official Memorial Committee chaired by the then Rt Hon Gordon Brown, MP. They are not part of the work of The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.
Further information about these memorials can be found at www.royalparks.gov.uk.

Diana, Princess of Wales: a chronology

1961 - 1 July
The Honourable Diana Frances Spencer is born at Park House, Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, England.
Diana becomes Lady  Diana Spencer when her father succeeds her grandfather and becomes the 8th Earl Spencer. The family then moves to Althorp House, Northamptonshire.
Lady Diana goes to finishing school at the Institute Alpin Videmanette in Rougemont, Switzerland.
Lady Diana moves into a flat at Coleherne Court, London and starts work at a London kindergarten a year later.
Lady Diana has her first official three-day tour with HRH The Prince of Wales.
24 February
Lady Diana Spencer and The Prince of Wales are engaged. She moves to Clarence House, London, the home of HRH Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.
29 July
HRH The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer are married at St Paul's Cathedral, London.
They Become  Their Royal Highness The Prince and Princess of Wales
HRH The Princess of Wales sets up a trust in her own name, so she could donate her own money to others.
1982 - 21 June
HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis is born.
1984 - 15 September
HRH Prince Henry (Harry) Charles Albert David is born.
1985 - October
HRH The Princess of Wales begins to make solo trips abroad and visits the Royal Hampshire Regiment's base in Berlin.
Visits Middlesex Hospital, London, and was the first to shake hands with an AIDS patient. Palace advisors had initially tried to dissuade her.
1989 - February
HRH The Princess of Wales visits sufferers at a leprosy clinic in Indonesia.
HRH The Princess of Wales visits the AIDS paediatric unit at Harlem Hospital, US, where she held a baby with AIDS.
1990 - March
Visits Yaounde Deaf School, Cameroon, and Lagos Hospital, Nigeria.
HRH The Princess of Wales visits a shelter for abandoned children with AIDS in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Visits Six Acres Day Centre, Taunton, Devon.
Visits Pakistan's Badshahi Mosque, Norpoor Family Centre and Khyber Regiment.
HRH The Princess of Wales and HRH Prince Charles visit Canada.
1992 - February
Visits India, including Mother Teresa's Hospice for the Sick and Dying, Calcutta.
HRH The Princess of Wales visits Westlawn Special School, Tyne and Wear.
The Prime Minister announces the official separation of HRH Prince Charles and HRH The Princess of Wales.
1993 - March
HRH The Princess of Wales visits Red Cross relief projects.
HRH The Princess of Wales visits the Tgongora refugee camp, Zimbabwe, and the Nemazura refugee camp, Zimbabwe, where she helps serve their food.
HRH The Princess of Wales cuts down the number of official engagements, but after a lengthy break continues to do more for the charities she supports.
HRH The Princess of Wales is awarded the title of 'International Humanitarian of the Year' in the US.
1995 - January
Attends the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts' charity gala dinner, New York.
HRH The Princess of Wales arranges a Concert of Hope in Cardiff in June 1995 to raise money for Ty Hafan, a new hospice set up in July 1995.
HRH The Princess of Wales and HRH The Prince of Wales' last official engagement together at the VJ Day celebrations, London.
Visits Italy in association with the Red Cross.
Attends charity dinner in Argentina.
HRH The Princess of Wales raises $1.4 million for a US breast cancer benefit.
HRH The Princess of Wales attends dinner at Harrods to raise funds for heart research, especially for the work done at the Papworth Hospital, of which the Princess was a high profile supporter.
HRH The Princess of Wales attends a breast cancer symposium during her 48-hour fundraising blitz in Chicago.
28 August
HRH The Princess of Wales' marriage to HRH Prince Charles is dissolved with the granting of a decree absolute.
24 September
Diana, Princess of Wales goes to Washington D.C. to attend a White House breakfast hosted by Mrs Clinton to raise money for breast cancer research.
Diana, Princess of Wales visits London Lighthouse AIDS centre.
Diana, Princess of Wales receives a humanitarian award in Italy from the Pio Manzu Centre.
Diana, Princess of Wales joins the British Red Cross's new campaign against landmines.
Diana, Princess of Wales visits The Halo Trust on site in Angola.
79 of Diana, Princess of Wales' dresses are auctioned in New York, raising $3.25m (£1,960,150) for cancer and AIDS charities.
18 June
Diana, Princess of Wales visits Mother Teresa at the Missionaries of Charity residence in the South Bronx.
21 July
Diana, Princess of Wales carries out her last official engagement at the children's unit at Northwick Park and at St Mark's Hospital in London.
Diana, Princess of Wales visits Bosnia with the Landmine Survivors Network.
31 August
Diana, Princess of Wales dies following a car crash in Paris, France.
6 September
Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales takes place at Westminster, London.
Diana, Princess of Wales is buried on a small island in a lake on the Althorp estate, her family's ancestral home.

Jan 26, 2011

The King's Speech

This film is amazing for those that love a true story. Based on the life King George VI  born Prince Albert (Bertie) was born with speech problem (a stutter). The movie is based on the the Diaries of Lionel Logue who helped the King George VI  has he speech therapist.Amazing acting by Colin Firth( King George VI) and Helen Bonham Carter (Queen Elizabeth) and Geoferry Rush( Lionel Logue).

Here is the link to movie web site

Royal Birthdays and Anniversry

9th - Catherine Middleton's birthday, fiancée of Prince William of Wales (1982)
9th - The Earl and Countess of St Andrews's
wedding anniversary (1988)
15th - Princess Michael of Kent's birthday (1945)
20th - The Countess of Wessex's birthday (1965)

5th - Arthur Chatto's birthday (1999)
7th - The Earl of Harewood's birthday (1923)
19th - The Duke of York's birthday (1960)
22nd - The Duchess of Kent's birthday (1933)
29th - James Ogilvy's birthday (1964)

1st - Timothy Laurence's birthday (1955)
1st - Lady Rose Gilman's birthday (1980)
2nd - Eloise Taylor's birthday (2003)
7th - The Earl of Snowdon's birthday (1930)
10th - The Earl of Wessex's birthday (1964)
12th - Lord Culloden's birthday (2007)
23rd - Princess Eugenie of York's birthday (1990)

6th - Lord Frederick Windsor's birthday (1979)
9th - The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall's wedding anniversary (2005)
21st - Queen Elizabeth II's birthday (1926)
22nd - Daniel Chatto's birthday (1957)
23rd - Lady Gabriella Windsor's birthday (1981)
28th - Lady Helen Taylor's birthday (1964)

1st - Viscountess Linley's birthday (1970)
1st - Lady Sarah Chatto's birthday (1964)
3rd - Autumn Phillips's birthday (1978)
14th - Margarita Armstrong-Jones's birthday (2002)
15th - Zara Phillips's birthday (1981)
17th - Peter and Autumn Phillips's wedding anniversary (2008)
20th - Lady Cosima Windsor's birthday (2010)
26th - Zenouska Mowatt's birthday (1990)
28th - The Countess of St Andrews's birthday (1957)

4th - Christian Mowatt's birthday (1993)
8th - The Duke and Duchess of Kent's wedding anniversary (1961)
10th - The Duke of Edinburgh's birthday (1921)
19th - The Earl and Countess of Wessex's wedding anniversary (1999)
20th - The Duchess of Gloucester's birthday (1946)
21st - Prince William of Wales's birthday (1982)
22nd - The Earl and Countess of Ulster's wedding anniversary (2002)
26th - The Earl of St Andrews's birthday (1962)
30th - Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's wedding anniversary (1978)
30th - Senna Lewis's birthday (2010)

1st- Diana Princess of Wales Birthday (1961)
1st - Charles Armstrong-Jones's birthday (1999)
1st - Lyla Gilman's birthday (2010)
4th - Prince Michael of Kent's birthday (1942)
8th - The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester's wedding anniversary (1972)
14th - Lady Sarah and Daniel Chatto's wedding anniversary (1994)
17th - The Duchess of Cornwall's birthday (1947)
18th - Lady Helen and Timothy Taylor's wedding anniversary (1992)
19th - Lady Rose and George Gilman's wedding anniversary (2008)
25th - Lord Nicholas Windsor's birthday (1970)
28th - Samuel Chatto's birthday (1996)
29th- Prince Charles and Lady Diana Wedding Anniversary(1981)
30th - James and Julia Ogilvy's wedding anniversary (1988)
31st - Lady Davina and Gary Lewis's wedding anniversary (2004)
31st - Marina Ogilvy's birthday (1966)

5th - Lady Frederick Windsor's birthday (1980)
6th - Columbus Taylor's birthday (1994)
7th - Lady Nicholas Windsor's birthday (1969)
8th - Princess Beatrice of York's birthday (1988)
8th - Timothy Taylor's birthday (1963)
15th - The Princess Royal's birthday (1950)
22nd - Albert Windsor (2007)
24th - Lady Amelia Windsor's birthday (1995)
26th - The Duke of Gloucester's birthday (1944)

8th - Leopold Windsor's birthday (2009)
12th - Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor's wedding anniversary (2009)
15th - Prince Harry of Wales's birthday (1984)
22nd - Mark Phillips's birthday (1948)
22nd - Albert Windsor's birthday (2007)
30th - Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor's birthday (1992)

8th - Viscount and Viscountess Linley's wedding anniversary (1993)
9th - The Duke of Kent's birthday (1935)
15th - Sarah Duchess of York's birthday (1959)
18th - Mike Tindall's birthday, fiancée of Zara Phillips (1978)
19th - Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor's civil-wedding anniversary (2006)
24th - The Earl of Ulster's birthday (1974)
28th - Julia Ogilvy's birthday (1964)

3rd - Viscount Linley's birthday (1961)
4th - Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor's religious-wedding anniversary (2006)
8th - Lady Louise Windsor's birthday (2003)
12th - Alexander Ogilvy's birthday (1996)
14th - The Prince of Wales's birthday (1948)
15th - Peter Phillips's birthday (1977)
19th - Lady Davina Lewis's birthday (1977)
20th - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's wedding anniversary (1947)

2nd - Lord Downpatrick's birthday (1988)
12th - Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence's wedding anniversary (1992)
15th - Flora Ogilvy's birthday (1994)
17th - Viscount Severn's birthday (2007)
21st - Estella Taylor's birthday (2004)
25th - Princess Alexandra of Kent's birthday (1936)
26th - Cassius Taylor's birthday (1996)
28th - The Countess of Ulster's birthday (1977)
29th - Savannah Phillips's birthday (2010) 
*Yes I noted the Marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana!

Their Royal Highness Prince and Princess of Wales on July 29, 1981

This is one my favorite photes of The Royal Wedding.

Welcome To Tracey's Royal Blog!!!

I have been a Royal Watcher since 1981 this my 30th year of this sometimes happy and sad for me. I would not trade it for the world. I have read many books on all the members of British Royal Family and admire them for living a life that can be difficult in the public eye. The Queen's Parents King George and Queen Elizabeth(Queen Mum) held the country together during World War II. This will celebrate all the family members of this family from the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip children and Grandchildren. So enjoy this blog!