May 10, 2011

New Controversial Diana Documentary Set to Screen at Cannes.

I  utterly find this disgraceful in so many ways. First showing a picture of someone's death is a painful thing for those that loved Princess Diana. Her sons suffered a terrible lost when their mother died on August 31,1997 and had to carry on with such grace and dignity. I hate when people  make money off someone death, I did not know Princess Diana at all but I admired her strength in her life. That is how I and many want to remember her not the last few hours of her life. I will pray for the people that made this film and think how they would feel if this was their mother, ex-wife, sister, and aunt and friend.


  1. Tracey, soooooo very true and wonderfully written


  2. Jag fruktar av mordaren för att välplanerad döda Diana olaga mörda som folkrätten,hon är berättigad överleva lika alla andra,hon är oskyldig kom till världen.Nästan varje ggr gråter,ledsen också dåliga sova nätterna Dianasskull.Jag saknar henne så mycket min DIANA.

  3. that is a wonderful piece of writing! And, I totally agree. This is horribly inappropriate!

  4. I am so happy you wrote this blog. I feel the same as you.