Apr 27, 2011

My Love for all things Royal!

Over the past couple of months I have been asked why I enjoying talking and learning about the British Royal Family and some other royal family. But my main focus has been the current royal in England. It all started with watching the engagement announcement of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales(Prince Charles) and Lady Diana Spencer in February 1981. I became so enthrall with the future Princess of Wales. She was lovely English rose and her prince was smart and yes handsome. I loved reading about this couple so much. I have to say that I been reading about Her Majesty and Her Family. So many amazing people in this family and strong characters during some tough times in history. The King's Speech was the story of King George IV (Queen's Father) this story was about him dealing with problem with a stutter. He was not groomed to be King  and he and his Wife Duchess of York lived a simple life with daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margret. His brother became involved with women named Willis Simpson(Duchess of Windsor) and he step down as King to be with this women. This change the life of his brother Albert and his family. His and his wife Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mum) stayed in London during the war. Became beloved to the British People and the world. King George IV died in February 1952 after a battle of lung cancer. His Eldest Daughter Princess Elizabeth became the Sovereign of The United Kingdom. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in front of her young family( Prince Charles age 4 and Princess Anne age 3) . The Queen and her Husband are the proud parents of  4 children  (3 sons Charles, Andrew,Edward and one Daughter Anne)
and 8 grandchildren and one great-grand child. The family has gone threw many events both sad and tragic. Divorce of 3 of Queen's children(Charles and Anne and Andrew)  and the death of family members ( Princess Diana and Queen Mum and Princess Margret.  They are like any family it has up and downs. Each member has grown in our eyes. I enjoy this hobby and love learning about something new. This Friday, I will celebrate a new person joining the fold. Best wishes to William and Kate

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