Apr 25, 2011

Two Parent's Wish

In early summer and late fall of 1981. Two young couples were told they were expecting a child. One child was due to come in early days of January and one child was due in late June or early July. Each mom-to-be went threw the morning sickness and changing body. Each dad-to-be help his wife with many things and the child was about to come into the world. In early January a little girl was born to Michael and Carol Middleton this little girl was named Catherine Elizabeth Middleton .In late June a little boy was born to Prince and Princess of Wales, this little boy was named William Arthur Philip Louis. Each child was blessing to each of their parents and they watched them grow and each had love from them. Now those two babies born in 1982 are about to become married to each other. Each parent is thinking about when they saw this little face for the first time what the wished for their son and daughter. One mother is helping her little girl pick her dress and see her start her new life. One mother is memory for the son and her engagement ring is on her future daughter-in-law. One father is about to walk his little girl to meet her husband. The other father is watching his oldest son get married and thinking how proud he is of his son. Parent's have many wishes for their child in early moments of life and one the wedding day they have to thing where did the time go.

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