Apr 29, 2011

Their Royal Highness Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Bells of Westminster, announce the day.
They peel high above the clouds,
As flags of union red, white and blue,
vibrantly sway, in seamless crowds.

Behind Abbey walls,
beside pews of fragrant bloom
soft words are spoken,
from Bride to Groom.

Words, witnessed,
by those gathered near.
And by a realm of unseen faces,
at street parties, joyously cheer.

Into sunshine, step our Royal Prince and Princess
Regimental red and silken primrose.
Together, hand in hand and united they stand..
before kingdom and cameras to pose.

Then seated upon Landau Carriage
take a stately procession ride,
waving regally to all the people,
who cheer with pride..

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