Jul 10, 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

This was the first tour as married couple.. one of many. I have been so impressed with how Duke and Duchess carry themselves in all events in Canada. From planting a tree next to tree William's parents planted in 1983. You could see in William's face that he was thinking of both his parents.After all they are his parents. No matter what is said about the Wales marriage they raised a son that is full of compassion for others. Talking to a little girl with cancer to getting down on their level. Was learned by his mother to him. He is no longer that little boy that we watched grow up, he is a grown man. That is now married to someone that is very much her own women.

Catherine Middleton(HRH Duchess of Cambridge) is stunning in her own way. We have watched her grow into this role first as girlfriend and then his fiance and now his lovely wife. Catherine is lovely in her way. Smiling and happy and glowing. She was so sweet little girl with cancer and talking to students. Just down to earth. Looking stunning in her outfits. Her main job as wife of Prince William is to give support and love to her husband.

I was so impressed with both of them. I think anyone that follows the British Royal Family should be proud of the future of this family. God Bless William and Catherine!


  1. I agree! I've been following them on their tour and I think they're both wonderful.