Jul 1, 2011

Princess Diana

On July 1,1961 on Summer's day in England. The 3rd daughter to John and Francis Spencer was born. Named Diana Francis Spencer. Diana life was filled with sadness and joy. Diana moved to London in 1980 and became girlfriend of HRH Prince of Wales. That summer a relationship between them blossomed and love was in the air.In early part of 1981 Prince Charles asked Lady Diana Spencer to marry him. It was happy time for everyone involved. On July 1,1981 celebrated her 20th birthday and few weeks later. She walked into St Paul's as royal bride. Her life as royal was not easy at times. She and Prince Charles had two sons William and Harry. A devoted mother and wife she gave her self to her family. She visited many countries with her husband . She worked on countless charties. She spoke from the heart at times, that is why she is still admired and missed.So today I thank God for the life of Princess Diana. Someone that I admired for her work and style and grace. Happy 50TH Birthday Diana!!!!

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