Jul 12, 2011

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles latest alleged phone hacking victims

It has been confirmed by the palace that senior members of the British Royal Family phone lines have be hacked. Phone numbers were sold  by those that are in charge of protected the Royal Family. Rupert Murdoch's News International has been charged with getting information thru payment according to police official in London. Why does this angry me well I am going to rant for a bit you can agree or disagree. The British Royal Family is allowed to have a private life. Without the glare of media period! They share enough with us thru public engagements or weddings or tours to other counties.Why can't the Queen or Her Son Prince Charles have private talks with others. How would you feel if your conversation where printed for all to see. 

Rupert Murdoch has alot to answer for in regards to this matter.  Mr Mudroch how would you feel if I or anyone taped your phone lines. Think about Mr Mudroch? 

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  1. Prince Charles and Camilla were hacked a long time ago. Why didn't they go after Murdoch then. I'm sure his tacky paper was the culprit.

  2. Yes they were and I like to forget that period. But this was new information that royals got just recently.