Feb 5, 2011

A Beautiful day in July

In Winter months of 1981 the press in England was anticipated the announcement of engagement of HRH Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Francis Spencer. The world rejoice for the young couple. This young women brought something to Royal Family. As the month went on Wedding was the talk of the world. On beautiful  summer day July 29,1981 over 700 million people watched this marriage take place at St.Paul's Cathedral. The bride look radiant as see step out of her carriage by her father's side and trumpets blared in Cathedral to let her prince know she was there. She took her father arms and walk down the aisle to her future. She saw the man she loved and he gave her smile of pure joy. He took her hand and they stood together ready to face the future as husband and wife. They made mistake's on their vows and it was nice to see. As the Archbishop said they were to live together as man and wife at the moment United Kingdom had a new princess. They waked to back of St.Paul's to sign the register of marriage and family came to witness and give congratulations to new couple. For the First time Their Royal Highness Prince and Princess of Wales were seen by  everyone they were greeted with fanfare of trumpets. As the British got to see them they were cheered with great joy by everyone. That day was special for all of us and for the couple.

Now 30 years later their first born son will be getting married  in April. The world will be cheering for this young couple like they did his parents. One will be there to witness this happy moment and one will be in memory for the young prince. But without that day in July this would not have been possible to see Charles and Diana son get married.


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