Tourism officials in Britain are confident there'll be enough hotel rooms for visitors to the royal wedding in April.
An extra 600,000 people are expected to flood into London to catch a glimpse of the event, far in excess of the number of hotel rooms in the capital.
But officials say many of the visitors won't need somewhere to stay as they'll be travelling in for the day from outside the city.
And the capital's hotel capacity will be boosted by local people renting out their homes.
It's three months before Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey - and London is getting ready.
The spot where William and Kate will board their carriage after the wedding ceremony looks like a building site at the moment.
Workmen are resurfacing the square outside the Abbey gates, determined to ensure the area is looking its best when the big day dawns.
Hotels are getting ready too.
51 Buckingham Gate, a short stroll from the Palace, is no stranger to royal guests itself.
The hotel's Royal Suite has several bedrooms and reception rooms, and costs close to 10,000 US dollars a night.
Royal officials said on Friday they expect to release more information about the wedding towards the end of February.