Feb 3, 2011

Diana: a Celebration

In November of 2008 Diana A Celebration was in Philadelphia Pa were I live. I went with my sister-in-law Marianne. It was a moment I will not forget walking in and seeing items that I read in all the books about Princess Diana. Seeing her drawings  and notes that she wrote to her Daddy when she was away at school. I remember walking into the room and seeing her "Wedding Dress" I just stood there with my eyes open wide. Every moment that I was there I was enjoying each moment. I was 9 years old when Lady Diana Spencer entered my life. She and I never met but she just had a way about her that I liked. Going into room to room seeing her dresses and going into the room about her Charity work. She did so much for many people but the most important role was mother to her sons William and Harry.The sad part for me was seeing moments for the Funeral and knowing we would never see her face again. If you get a chance to see this in your city or town. Worth every minute!

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