Feb 26, 2011

Will a Royal Baby Follow the Royal Wedding?

Will a Royal Baby Follow the Royal Wedding?

William, Kate visit university where love blossomed AFP/POOL – Prince William's fiancee Kate Middleton smiles during a visit to the University of St Andrews in …

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When a couple is seriously dating, they are often asked when they will get married. Once they've tied the knot, the first thing that people begin asking is when they'll have a baby. As probably the most famous engaged couple in the world, Prince William and Kate Middleton are sure to face these questions. We already know that they will get married on April 29. Now the speculation is about when they'll start a family and have a baby.
Will Prince William and Kate Middleton have children?
As second-in-line to the throne, Prince William will definitely be under pressure to provide an heir. If Prince William and Kate Middleton have children, they will change the royal line of succession. Their children would automatically take precedence after Prince William. So--assuming that they have a child while both the Queen and Prince Charles are alive--their child would become third-in-line to the throne.
Also, family is important to both Prince William and Kate Middleton. They are close to their families, particularly their siblings (Prince Harry and Pippa respectively). It would seem natural for them to want to have children of their own.
Assuming that they do plan on having kids, when will they start a family?
Both Prince William and Kate Middleton are in their late 20's. This is by no means old, but it is old enough that they may feel ready to start a family soon. They don't have any financial concerns, and so worrying about affording children isn't an issue for them like it is for many newlyweds. Also, they have been a couple for such a long time that although marriage is an important commitment, they are already well established together.
At the moment, Kate Middleton is unemployed. Although she does have a degree and has worked in the past, she does not seem overly dedicated to a career. She has the time to be able to become a mother soon after the wedding.
Prince William is posted in Wales as an RAF pilot. The couple will live there after the wedding, so he will be present and able to focus on both his career and a family.

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